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Ban of icons,each photo is reminiscent of each story

The day cold the sunshine it changes to dark gray,to exhibit excellent protection even against direct light and polarized light."Ambermatic 2012" four aviator style of engraved "Amber Matic Limited Edition" is,Shibuya Paris Miki,Shinjuku Kazuma,poker face Rukua Osaka store,Aigan MOZO WonderCity (Nagoya),and is limited release in five stores of glasses of Miki Shinsaibashi.With the model that becomes the Ray-Ban icon,7 photos to represent the world of each eraRay-Ban communication to expand campaign "RAY-BAN LEGENDS" is intended to be recorded for each age a scene that becomes the Ray-Ban's history and legend over 75 years. 
Adidas sale PorschePhotographer Mark? SeligerBut photos taken in California has captured seven of the legendary moment,each of the photographs again take down the one of every 10 years,is inspired from the person that is not caught in the convention of realThat.Which character also wearing the Ray-Ban of icons,each photo is reminiscent of each story,we have captured the feature in faithful color to that era.75 anniversary and made new group of divine this yearLEGEND COLLECTION reproduces the vintage lensIt reproduces the original lens of its founding "LEGEND COLLECTION" appeared. 
Adidas ShoesThose Ray-Ban,which celebrates its 75th anniversary wanted to presented in the first collection - I wonder if it is a starting point regression? Green,Pink,Special Collection to make blue of the three colors of the lens"LEGEND COLLECTION" is also the icon model of Ray-Ban as "AVIATOR","ROUND METAL",and the four models of the newly appeared was the "METEOR" this year "LARAMIE",green,pink,blue 3Collection equipped with the color of the lens.This green lens that appeared in the "LEGEND COLLECTION" is reproduce the lens that was developed initially in the 1930s that Ray-Ban was born. 
Nike Flyknit Lunar 3It is formality adopted in the United States Army Air Corpsit was given to have the episode that it was pale green color of the lens of concentration than the G-15 lens,which is the current standard.In addition,pink and blue color of the beautiful had been developed in the 1960s GarasureWe have reproduced the lens.Brand since the birth of,the Ray-Ban unique that have continue to have a commitment to lens "LEGEND COLLECTION".It symbolizes the Ray-Ban,which has created a legend with the times,and become a premium collectioning.
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RADAR.RADARLOCK is also a new technology of Oakley

And even in this blog about this contentSince we have been in detail talkI think you'll see it by all means fit.Nasu Takeo blogAnd the other one,you'll have many questions in that receive questions from everyone It has been developed as a single-lens-type sports eyewearAbout the difference between RADARLOCK and RADARLet the story I would like to.2012 Sports scan Paix is ??here shea Fick eyewear RADARLOCK.Here is a RADAR was released in 2007.Suddenly Both impression that you've seen there is a very similar shape.Although we received a question that often do not know whether I choose either from everyone, 
Nike Air Max 90How the two models is different from in this videoWe are allowed to introduce.First of all,that allows you to model both lens exchange.The interchangeable lens system that took over from M frame with respect to RADAR.RADARLOCK is also a new technology of OakleyIt is equipped with a switch lock.Both by choice the optimal lens to suit the weather or conditions,Exchange on the spot I can.In part that without stress easily interchangeable lenses can beAlso less burden of against it is the frame of RADARLOCK equipped with a switch lock,You can enjoy a variety of lens. 
Oakley OutletAnd for size,and we would like the whole sizeIf the same PATH shape in a state which is set in the frameLens height of the RADAR is 43mm,width is 130mm,RADARLOCK lens vertical width 42mm,and the width is 132mm,We have a sharp to make a little more of RADARLOCK.And with respect to the frameRADAR is Japan fit,US fit,consists of three types of straight stems.In contrast RADARLOCK is Asian Fit, 
Nike Shoes Outlet has been adopted to the edgeThe two types of straight stems.First,we try to compare with RADAR and it is different in this way.The entire width of 154mm at the widest part is Japan fit in outside diameter,US fit 142mm,straight stem will be 137mm.RADALOCK we strive to develop in size close to the straight stem of the RADAR.Depending on the size of your face with respect to the width,but I think you'll choose the fit size.RADAR and is RADARLOCK regarding nose padsThe height of the nose width?
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UV protection,it will take exposure to you more UV light.Cheap sunglasses can cause your iris

Certain surfaces,such as water,which can reflect more light,and thus to be generated by the highlight is the sight or hidden faults in the object.Polarized sunglasses of quality is able to completely eliminate glare this kind of technology,it later,will introduce polarization technology.Specific frequencies of light,it is possible to blur the vision,other frequencies of light can improve the contrast.If you choose the right color for the sunglasses,it will ensure that you get better results in certain situations.Sunglasses If you do not provide UV protection,it will take exposure to you more UV light.Cheap sunglasses can cause your iris to open to receive more light,to exclude part of the light.This also increases the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the retina,more ultraviolet rays enable input.Therefore,differences in various sunglasses is certainly or to ?
Nike Air Max 2015 Flyknit ?.For a particular application environment,appropriate,selection of high-quality sunglasses will provide maximum protection for you.According to international standards,sunglasses,are classified into the category of protection products of the individual's eye.The main function of sunglasses is to block the glare of the sun.However,international standards of sunglasses is subdivided into again "fashion mirror," "general-purpose with a mirror." "Fashion mirror" relatively low quality requirements standard."Fashion mirror" is the main highlight of the wearer focus style and not because it is,it is decorative than protective.
Beat Speaker Dock Standard for quality requirements and "general-purpose lenses,UV protection,as well as including the index of refraction prism,is more severe.3 category Please use the classificationThe use of sunglasses,sun mirror,can be divided into light-colored sunglasses,and special purpose sunglasses category of.SunglassesSunglassesThe so-called solar mirror is intended to shielding As the name suggests,people usually,the light intensity is dependent on the regulation of the size of the sun of the pupil in order to adjust the magnetic flux exceeding the ability to modulate the human eye to have,it will cause harm to the human eye. 
Nike Blazer High So,in outdoor activities,especially in the summer,a lot of people are used to block the sun visor mirror for harm is to reduce the occurrence adjustment eye fatigue and light stimulus.Light-colored sunglasses to block the action of the good and sunlight as shade is rich colors suitable for use in all types of clothing has a strong decorative effect.The reason,its rich color,style of bright colors of sunglasses,by young people of all ages,it fell in love,is more fashionable women.
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Fashion? Designers Council The World's Finest Sunglasses (finest sunglasses world)

Nike Shoes Outlet Company name has a meaning to cut off the light beam (Ray) (Ban),"If you do not abide by optically eye,not be called with the sunglasses" is the basic concept of the time of establishment.While calling the novel design of a flexible spirit,firmly continued defense policy and quality,in 1986,it has earned the title from American? Fashion? Designers Council The World's Finest Sunglasses (finest sunglasses world) .It is one of the world's most famous sunglasses? Brand,Celebrity loyal around the world many,overseas,John? F? Kennedy,Michael? Jackson,Brad? Pitt,Madonna,such as Kate? Moss is famous.In Japan,we have Tamori,Takuya Kimura,Takeshi Furuya and many loyal is.The Ray-Ban the GIFT TIME,which is the most sold in the world,we offer at a reasonable price!English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.
Beat Speaker Dock Ray-Ban,the Air Force,the user to give the maximum of vision protection,has been manufacturing inclined reflecting mirror sunglasses.In fact for a long time,the sunglasses of Ray-Ban is synonymous with the glare block.Ray-Ban sunglasses,was born from the pain of the US Air Force lieutenant.1923,driving lieutenant a small aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean,deep back-based,and even nausea,headache,dizziness side effects,I felt the pain caused by strong sunlight.Based on this, 
Pas Cher Newbalance in 1930,Bausch & Lomb in order to maintain the sunglasses good clear vision of Ray-Ban has developed to absorb the most solar least heat dissipation.Ray-Ban,in addition to good protection function,the designer will design its shape in order to emphasize the style rough brave soldier sunglasses.Ray-Ban sunglasses,Harley-Davidson motorcycle,of American culture symbol and ZIPPO writer.English ban the barriers,glare as Ray-Ban Ray-Ban,called Ray,is the essence of sunglasses to block the glare of light.To wear Ray-Ban lens,in the first half of the 20th century,it is the taste of the biggest names in the entertainment industry - Gary Grant,Audrey Hepburn is its loyal.Wayfarer style white box,red box,black,tortoiseshell ......different Ray-Ban sunglasses,dress wearing civilian clothes,standing in the face of the Hollywood star,has appeared in a variety of situations .Sienna Miller,Olsen sisters,Kirsten Dunst,and has become the backbone of Ray-Ban.
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Unique eyewear such that there is no thing

New Balance 996,Ltd.has worked sales in one hand.Aoyama san is graduates of Sabae Municipal intelligent design courses Sabae had done (SSID).Where they met Kawasaki Kazuo was a lecturer,the meaning of design,studied the possibility,then is said to have learned the glasses design on his own.Aoyama's family business was the glasses industry,it called originally was a hate glasses.Once,after the business is a job to Shikki-ya's,retired,is so became involved in the glasses to help out the family business became busy.And precisely because originally it was not really like, 
New Balance Shoesand perhaps are able to design a pair of glasses like overturn assumptions.To purchase FACTORY900 the (factory 900) ishow is it.Like never seen until now,there is a unique shape,design,there are many color impression.Unique brand far,it might be particularly not quite to the Japanese brands.Unique eyewear such that there is no thing that the other website was also seen until now has been published."Interesting sunglasses I want,I want to decide in individual!" Such people to I think that it is a perfect brand.Why not try to take in hand certainly once.In addition to FACTORY900 personality full of eyewear of this time it is to introduce models you can find here.So we aligned a number of design highly sunglasses frame in wild,but please have a look. 
cheap nike air max 2015 In Oh My Glasses,we offer a large number of glasses or sunglasses to other FACTORY900.To choose your favorite design from the personal computer,you can try at home.System that can be purchased only hope of products We have gotten very popular.Please use hesitate to! This time I will introduce the round glasses is a trend of the 2012 spring seasonChanges in the epidemic from Wellington?"Glasses men" is to obtain a completely citizenship,now in Machinaka,it was more and more men multiplied by the personality full of glasses!Above all,the past few years the glasses of the type referred to as the "Wellington" was the center of the epidemic.It comes to mind should immediately if people are sensitive to fashion.So Johnny? Depp was over,it is a form of that glasses.
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First,it moves the arm aiming at the top of an elephant

"Well,try it from good." "......" VOGUE sunglassesReluctantly to said wind Tomoyo will continue to operate the crane again.And cut the sky where it is not change at all the first time,the crane go back.DITA eyeglass frameSo what she is aiming is I got confidence what the."What really bear want?" "......Horana ......bad does it ......" Bulgari glasses frame No wonder. 
Pas Cher Chaussure NikeAnimal doll than the color and head and tail,are almost the same shape.The bottom line of the head have got spectrum buried by other dolls,and he no choice but to determine in feet that are visible color.Once,yellow lion,light blue elephant,pink rabbit,although Become a color-coded in the wind,such as a round object red mystery,guarantee that color is not suffered absolutely no....... 
Adidas ZX750Heck,but what's like a red slime that with only those eyes! ? "Well,anyway,and try it on putting aside Ueno" "cormorant,yeah.I ask" while instead again Tomoyo and position,I was charged with five hundred yen.It's one times one hundred yen,but an increasing number one batch and that's five hundred yen,and he can be six times.First,it moves the arm aiming at the top of an elephant.Well,it has to become upside down,it would be easy to take because looking almost straight ahead.The aim of the around the neck is a theory,grabbed the arm to the location of the aim street.But,"Oh ...!" Slipped missing body when you lift,it fell at the same time the original place and the voice of Tomoyo.And the apparently think of other body is small,it's like a factor that the heavy head from the beginning has been tilted down."Cormorant,yeah!" Also of Tomoyo was aiming to,rather than a doll under the arm,was the right next to committed brown bear put on the wall of. 
Nike Flyknit Lunar 3RayBan Ray-Ban sunglasses Unfortunately,That is it's impossible to probably take in for display.Or surprisingly popular of,or number of small simply from the beginning,the other to bear is not the place where roughly Seen.......LeSportsac store or indeed absorbing it impossible? No,wait I ...."But,since not even grazing,and only ......Na's no unlikely give up," "The brown of it is below the array,or not a bear? Red elephant Toka something guy" is biting the "What? Where is it!?" LeSportsac Hawaii Asked the face in my finger like,to direct the line of sight to its destination.LeSportsac "What do ?? bear ......of the?" The store is such a conflict were runaway her.Calm and quiet person usually is said to be scared and run away.
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Ray-Ban in 1999,has been sold to Italy looks

The point Ray-Ban,you have an image,such as "brand that is always pointing to the 12 o'clock".But it seems to be stubborn,that has continued to express the uniqueness by not shake the contrary,what is not a rare brand. 
New Balance 996Miyazaki it even,becomes too strong sunglasses of image,the fact that the "Ray-Ban has been to expand the optical product",but it had become a period of time in the situation,such as do not know even the Ray-Ban user.W Ray-Ban in 1999,has been sold to Italy looks o Thika from Bausch & Lomb.Fashionable eyewear good looks Oh Atlantica in Luxury,with the aim of acquiring new customers,it had been designed in good style to the optical line of Ray-Ban.Sales itself seems to have been strong,but considering the brand power of Ray-Ban,did not seem to maximize the potential of optical. 
New Balance ShoesNamiki normally there,further or stray,or by trying to protect the brand image would stop the optical,such as the But many managers that the decision,in the case of looks Oh Tika,referred to as "Back to Basic" I think I made the right decision.In other words,such as "wayfarer" and "Aviator",or "club master",that diverted the model to say the brand icon in the optical,we are not selected the road to take advantage of their assets.To think and it but looks like a commonplace later,whether it was that just how essential and difficult,and I would like to commentary by citing some of the brand as an example.Lord is the story surrounding brand who had been predilection by the time I had been living in the United States.How to make innovative "brand" that does not fade even the 21st century? The upbringingI think in the field management and WIRED!Airlines and electronics manufacturers,or start-up and sports teams,.... 
Nike Shoes CheapBy performing consulting from the "step zero" to all genres,Japan and field management to continue to do and activities caused the Ino Evasive Angles tion in the world.They think,the talk session as long as overnight to be touching the gem of the know-how to develop innovative "brand",was held under the auspices of Ray-Ban! New amazing new song in "Shake It Off"! Keep an eye increasingly diva,Taylor? Swift.Plain clothes sense of also excellent,it is also a regular's fashion snap.This time for the Red lip of eyewear and staple that to produce a plain clothes of such Taylor to jerk fashionable.Taylor's ultra-charming lips,doubled attractive red lip!Hair style and casual relaxed fashion that is summarized in rough and plus,sense of balance that is not too determines is her unique.
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